Close tourist and recreational areas if visitors are stubborn

Last weekend, most of the recreation and tourism areas, especially in the countryside, were crowded with city dwellers since Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya switched to Phase Two of the National Recovery Plan (PPN) last Friday.
Since Hulu Selangor has many tourist attractions and picnics, this district also cannot fail to receive an unusually large number of visitors.
Mohd Hasry Nor Mohd, Chairman of MDHS said, "we understand the feelings and desire of the people to go out freely after being locked up with their families for a long time to carry out their daily activities as before, but it is hoped that the people will cooperate with the authorities by complying with all the guidelines and SOPs set for our safety and health".
A general survey in several areas found that people began to forget about compliance with SOP when social distancing and the wearing of face masks began to be neglected.
Not only that, these recreational areas also become dirty when visitors do not maintain cleanliness by placing rubbish in the gaps between trees, rocks and throwing leftover food into the river.
It is appropriate for the people to take lessons and learn many things from what happened before with the still high number of covid-19 cases.
The attitude of responsibility in complying with the SOP and maintaining cleanliness needs to be instilled in oneself and there is no need to be reminded again because the people are already aware of the self-care measures in life with this Covid-19 epidemic.
Enforcement aspects will be tightened especially in weekend tourism and recreation areas and the authorities will also monitor and take action if visitors fail to comply with the set SOP including closing the recreation areas.



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