Inauguration of Adenium Smart Recycling Center, Bukit Beruntung

The Adenium Smart Recycling Center, Bukit Beruntung was inaugurated by the Honorable Tuan Hee Loy Sian, Chairman of the Selangor State Tourism, Environment, Green Technology & Indigenous Affairs Standing Committee at a ceremony held this morning. Also present at the ceremony, MPHS President, YBrs. Tuan Mohd Hasry Nor Mohd, Deputy President, Tuan Awaluddin Zakaria, His Excellency Engku Orang Richa Mahabijaya Orang Besar of Hulu Selangor District, Raja Dato' Muzaffar bin Raja Redzwa, Puan Nur Azlina Arni, Officer from the Environment and Green Technology Sub Section, Unit State Economic Planner (UPEN), Ms. Nurhayati Shariffuddin, MPHS Environmental Health Officer, Council Members, as well as the Chief Resident of Adenium Housing and the Adenium Housing community, Bukit Beruntung.
This Smart Recycling Center is a key element of the SIDINA Program (Sisa Jadi Dana) which was created based on the objectives set by the Selangor State Government through the Selangor Smart Action Plan 2025. In connection with that, the SIDINA Program is not just an ordinary recycling project but has smart elements that using Internet of Things technology or IoT for short.
The Sisa Jadi Dana Program or better known as SIDINA is an innovation project of the recycling program under the Campaign Unit, Department of Solid Waste Management and Public Cleaning of the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council in an effort to maintain environmental sustainability while generating income from recycling practices through the concept of Waste to Wealth.
The ultimate goal of the SIDINA Program is to reduce waste to landfills and the people can generate income from recycling activities and the funds obtained are used to pay the assessment tax. In other words, pay the waste tax.
This SIDINA program has been started since 16 August 2021 in five selected locations within the Hulu Selangor District as a pilot project. The locations are at:
i) Kuala Kubu Bharu
ii) Serendah Melor Village Housing
iii) Bukit Beruntung Adenium Housing
iv) Jalan Inai Bukit Beruntung Housing
v) Rajawali Park, Kalumpang
Within one year, the SIDINA Program managed to collect 8 tons of recycled goods and managed to save 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the air. The location that recorded the highest amount of recycled goods was at Perumahan Adenium, with a collection of 2.5 tons.
By using the collected data, the Campaign Unit, Department of Solid Waste Management and Public Cleaning, MPHS aims to develop the SIDINA Program to the next level. This Smart Recycling Center is the way forward in community recycling programs and projects in Hulu Selangor District.



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