MPHS Implementation of Integrated Enforcement System (SPKB)


The Hulu Selangor Municipal Council (MPHS) has upgraded the Compound Management System that was used manually to a digital one known as the Integrated Enforcement System (SPKB) effective 1 February 2022.

In line with the Selangor state government's policy towards digitization services, this system was developed to improve the inspection and compounding method under the MPHS replacement. At the same time, it can increase the productivity and competence of MPHS enforcement members in carrying out enforcement duties.

This system is more effective and easy to use with "Hand Held" electronic devices while enforcement officers carry out their duties in the field for license inspection, issuance of compounds and notices according to offenses under the provisions of the Act and Bylaws used by MPHS. Indirectly, it can also reduce the time during enforcement actions in the field to record and print information digitally.

In addition, the use of this system is also more comprehensive because it is not only for the purpose of issuing compound but can also be used by the public for the purpose of paying compound online through E-Billing (MPHS portal), PBTpay (KPKT) and Citizen E-Payment. (FAST).

Currently, the MPHS Enforcement Department is conducting a Licensing Monitoring Inspection of business and industrial permits under the MPHS administration. Accordingly, in order to make it easier for enforcement officers to carry out the inspection, business premises operators are required to cooperate in displaying business/industrial licenses at their respective business premises.



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