Enforcement Actions for the Offense of Placing / Allowing / Causing Obstruction in Public Places (Holder Stalls)

Effective on 1 April 2023, all hawkers who do business along Jalan Meranti 1, Jalan Meranti 2 and Jalan Meranti 3 have been instructed to move to the hawker site provided by MPHS in Jalan Ara, Batang Kali. The purpose of this relocation is to restructure the placement of hawkers in a more organized and comfortable location. In addition, the structuring of this hawker site can also address the issue of : –
a. Traffic congestion
b. Safety of road users.
The two issues are among the complaints frequently reported by the public to the MPHS before. The process of moving these hawkers has already started in early February 2023, carried out by the MPHS Licensing Department and Enforcement Department. All the hawkers involved have been given a notice to move to the specified location.
Until now, the Department has found that there are a small number of hawkers on Jalan Meranti 3 who still fail to comply with the evacuation order and leave the hawkers' goods / equipment in the area. The MPHS Enforcement Department has issued a compound and general notice under the provisions of Section 46(1)(d), Roads, Drains & Buildings Act 1974 (Act 133) to the parties involved. MPHS does not hesitate to take enforcement action (seizure) against any party found to be in breach of the instructions issued.
The MPHS hopes that all parties will cooperate to comply with the instructions issued for the sake of mutual well-being.



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