Ops Seized Plastic Recycling And Copper Smelting Factory


Two premises were subject to action in an operation carried out by the Hulu Selangor District Council (MDHS) which was carried out on 25 February 2021.

A total of 27 members were involved in the operation, consisting of 24 enforcement members and 4 officers from the Department of Solid Waste Management and Public Management.

Operations began in the MIEL Industrial area, Batang Kali on a Recycling Factory that was found to have violated the order of the closure notice issued by the MDHS on 17/2/2021 under bylaw 43(1) (a) and (b), Trade, Business and Industrial bylaws (MDHS) 2007.

When arriving at the factory, the main door of the factory was still locked using the padlock that had been installed before. The operatives have used drones to check whether there are workers in the premises or otherwise.

The results of the survey found that there are several foreign workers who are fleeing from the premises. In fact, the machines and equipment used are also operating as usual.

The operatives took action by confiscating 5 forklifts using the provisions of section 109, Local Government Act 1976 for the offense of disobeying the notice issued by MDHS as a local authority.

Operations continue at premises that carry out metal smelting activities at Jalan Zuhrah 1, Kawasan Perindustrian Zuhrah, Rasa. During the inspection, the workers were still in the premises and the premises were operating as usual.

In order to disable copper smelting activities at the premises, 4 forklifts were also confiscated based on Bylaw 38(1), Trade, Business and Industry Bylaws (MDHS) 2007.

All the confiscated forklifts were taken to the MDHS store for detention and further action.



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