The recycling factory is about to close, failing to comply with the approval of the license issued by MPHS

A Recycling Factory in Jalan Ipoh, Rasa is about to close in an enforcement operation carried out by the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council (MPHS) together with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) and the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) Rasa branch on 22 February 2023.
While the operatives were at the location, the premises were found to be carrying out paper and plastic recycling activities. According to records, the premises only received business license approval for paper recycling services only. There is no application attached/stated for plastic recycling processing activities.
Further inspection was carried out in the premises area and it was found that several other offenses had been committed by the owner of the premises including:
1. The storage place for used chemicals (acid bins) is placed in the open
2. There are no banks or special channels to contain spills from acid barrels
3. Pile acid barrels near the creek
4. Spillage of green liquid on the floor where used acid barrels are piled up.
Enforcement action has been taken on the premises by withdrawing the business license and asking the premises to apply for a license for the addition of plastic processing activities. In addition, the starter key of the recycling plastic resin processing machine was also confiscated to prevent the company from carrying out plastic recycling operations until it obtains a license from MPHS.
The MPHS through the Department of Solid Waste Management and Public Cleaning (JPSPPA) also issued a premises closure notice under Bylaw 43(1)(a) & (b), Trade, Business and Industrial Licensing Bylaw (MDHS) 2007 The factory is requested to make an application for additional activities immediately within 14 days from 22/2/2023 to 7/3/2023.
In addition, a warning notice under Section 69 which is causing a disturbance on the river bank (chemical/acid spill) was also issued and instructed to move the hazardous material (acid barrel) that has been used to a closed place and clean up spillage to avoid potential contamination of children river
The MPHS will conduct periodic monitoring from time to time. However, the company needs to do a number of things such as providing a storage store for used chemical waste as outlined by the DOE and providing evidence of the appointment of a scheduled waste operator and industrial waste. The alert report will be forwarded to the DOE for further action.



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