MPHS Body Task Force Business Compliance Operations

The Hulu Selangor Municipal Council (MPHS) established a Business Compliance Operations Task Force to monitor and take enforcement action on business premises that commit offenses in the Bukit Sentosa and Bukit Beruntung areas.

This special team consists of 5 internal departments that are assigned to update and identify the status of the premises in the designated area. Among the departments involved are the Enforcement Department, City Planning Department, Building Department, Property Valuation & Management Department and Licensing Department.

MPHS Chairman, Mohd Hasry Nor Mohd said, the main focus of the implementation of this task force is focused on business and industrial premises that operate without licenses and empty buildings that exist in the locations inspected.

Based on existing records, there are 4807 premises suspected of not having a business license in the Bukit Sentosa (2259 premises) and Bukit Beruntung (2548 premises) areas. In order to obtain complete data and information, this special team will conduct an inspection at each premises to see the activities carried out on the premises.

At the same time, enforcement action will also be taken if the owner of the premises is found to have committed an offense such as no business license/ no advertising license, employing foreign workers, permits to park goods on the sidewalk, making changes to buildings without a permit and breeding swallows without permission .

The first phase will start on February 22, 2022, starting in the Bukit Sentosa area including Jalan Telipot, Jalan Seroja, Seri Pagi, Kamunting, Persiaran Bunga Raya and Jalan Ros. Once completed, the next focus area will be in the area at Bukit Beruntung.



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