Functions of Departments & Divisions

Departments & Divisions Functions

Management Services Department

Administrative Division 
Create an efficient administrative system and human resource management that is competitive and viable in line with the organization's needs.

Treasury Department

Building an image of Council accountability through efficient and effective budget, financial and accounting management.

Property Valuation & Management Department

Ensuring that each proportionate holding within the administrative area of the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council is assessed in accordance with the provisions of the law for the purpose of levying assessment tax.

Engineering department

Ensure the development of Council projects and public facilities in Council areas are built with engineering aspects and maintained as best as possible for the well-being of the residents.

Building Department

Ensure that development is built in accordance with planning and specifications for quality buildings.

Department of Solid Waste Management and Public Cleaning

Provide efficient, quality and satisfactory municipal services so that the Council area is always clean, public health is guaranteed and the Council area becomes a comfortable, harmonious and prosperous place.

Licensing Department

Plan and control all licensing activities to achieve an efficient and quality management level.

City Planning Department

Create a well-planned and beautiful development plan and recreation area to provide comfort and quality facilities to the residents of the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council.

Community Development Department

Ensure the implementation of the management and administration of the Department of Youth & Community of the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council to the maximum level of efficiency. Build a moral, disciplined youth community, produce youth leaders and entrepreneurs and create a skilled workforce. Creating a healthy, active and fit society through youth, community and sports programs. Encourage the community to participate in programs organized by the Youth & Community Department of the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council.

Corporate Division

Providing information, giving explanations and promotions related to the activities and programs of the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council (MPHS) as well as handling complaints from the public and giving reports and ensuring that action has been taken against each complaint.

Information Technology Division

Coordinating and controlling ICT development in the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council

Legal Division

Amending the law according to the passage of time needs to be implemented so that the existing Bylaws are not out of date or out of date. Research on local government laws is also enhanced so that legal advice and insights can be provided accurately and regularly. This is because today's society is more aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Internal Audit Division

  • Monitor, investigate, analyze and be an advisor in all Management and Administration activities in order to comply with Internal Control and Regulations.

  • Determining that financial operations are managed in an orderly manner and ensuring that mandatory policies, laws and regulations are adhered to.

  • Review and evaluate regularly and systematically the operation of the agency in terms of completeness, ability, efficiency, comfort and economy.

  • Detect any weaknesses or problems of the parties involved and recommend measures to improve operations in areas that require it or in situations where corrective action is required.

  • Provide quality Audit Reports to improve management and administration.

  • Make a follow-up audit so that the issues found are not repeated and action is taken.

Local Central Division (OSC)

Shorten the time norm for simultaneously processing development proposals while improving the delivery system, procedures and processes of development proposals in Local Authorities.

Commissioner of Buildings Division (COB)

Streamline the method of effectively regulating the maintenance and management of all types of high-rise buildings and buildings that are subdivided and issued strata ownership rights,settle related matters and create awareness among buyers/owners/developers/Joint Management Body (JMB)/Management Corporation (MC) regarding building maintenance and management issues in accordance with the requirements of the Joint Building and Property Act ( Maintenance And Management) 2007 (Act 663) (Building And Common Property)(Maintenance And Management Act) 2007 (Act 663) and also streamlining and improving aspects of enforcement and implementation of the Building And Common Property (Maintenance And Management) Act 2007 (Act 663 ) (Building And Common Property) (Maintenance And Management Act) 2007 (Act 663).



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