Organized Fun Fishing Organized by MPHS

The Fishing Tournament enlivened the events prepared in conjunction with the 1 Year Celebration of the Hulu Selangor Municipality held at Milenium Park, Kuala Kubu Bharu on 29 October 2022.
The program which started at 8.00 this morning was inaugurated by the Chairman of the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council, Mohd Hasry Nor Mohd together with the Orang Besar of the Hulu Selangor District, Raja Dato' Muzaffar Raja Redzwa, Law Suet Peng, MPHS Council Member and MPHS Deputy Chairman, Awaluddin Zakaria .
A total of 350 participants participated in this competition from inside and outside the Hulu Selangor district. This half-day program is organized to further strengthen the fellowship between MPHs and the community.
To enliven the tournament, the organizers also provided 100 lucky draw prizes in the form of fishing items to the participants. In addition, participants who successfully raise a haruan fish of 2 inches and above are eligible to exchange the fish for RM 5.00 in cash.
A total of 10 winners were selected to receive prizes in conjunction with this tournament where Mohd Rosli Arifin was selected as the winner who successfully brought home cash amounting to RM2999 for successfully raising a haruan weighing 0.755 grams.
Second place was won by edy who took home RM1999 in cash for successfully catching a peacock bass fish weighing 0.335 grams and Siew took home RM999 in cash for successfully raising a peacock bass fish weighing 0.325 grams.
In addition to the fishing competition, there are also other activities carried out at the same place such as coloring competition, penalty kick competition, horse ride, water shot gun, bird community, face painting and many more.



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