YDP MPHS Afternoon Party with Hulu Selangor 2023 Representative
Working Visit and Knowledge Sharing of the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council to the Hulu Selangor Municipal Council
2022 Environmentally Beautiful Program Judging Tour
Vendor Development Training
Visit to Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill and Sungai Sabai Kalumpang Solid Waste Landfill
Engagement Session (Townhall) And Preparation of Selangor State Camping Activities Business Management Guidelines
Study Tour to the Secret Recipe Factory by the Solid Waste Department with MPHS Council Members
Big Screen screening of the AFF Mitsubishi Cup 2022 semi-final match at the Jalanan Sports Ground, Kuala Kubu Bharu Old Town.
MPHS received a visit from the District Superintendent of the Irrigation and Drainage Department, Tuan Mohd Fahmi Johari
MPHS accepts 23 New Council Members for the 2023 term
The Hulu Selangor Municipal Council and the residents of the Hulu Selangor District express their highest appreciation to the Council Members for the 2021/2022 session
Friendly Soccer match between the Landscape Department against the MPHS Management Services Department
IPMC Badminton Competition Organized by MPHS 2022
MPHS 2022 Sustainable Community Special Grant Recipient Monitoring Visit Program
MPHS Joins the Strategic Collaboration of PBT Digitization Empowerment with MAMPU
APB 5S MPHS Certification Audit by Mrs. Kartin Haslinda from MPC
MPHS 6 Corner Sports Carnival
Landscape Maintenance Contractor and Shade Tree Skills Enhancement Course with Arborist for the year 2022
MPHS Help Pay PTA Fees Through Endowment
The Selangor Penyayang Tour program was greeted with joy



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